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  • Estate Planning
    The Core Estate Plan 16 Avoidable Mistakes in Planning Your Estate The Durable Power of Attorney The Big Five Estate and Gift Taxes Explained Estate Planning: The Spouse with Dementia
  • Elder Law
    Elder Financial Abuse Plan A: Community Care Aid and Attendance, monthly payments for aging veterans and their spouses Two Tips and Traps
  • MassHealth
    The Caregiver Agreement Nursing Home costs and Medicaid The Medicaid Qualified Annuity - a powerful MassHealth planning tool in the event of a nursing home admission MassHealth Facts, in the event of a Nursing Home admission
  • Trusts
    Demystifying Trusts Pet Trusts The Power of Revocable Trusts Special Needs Trusts are Special The Irrevocable Income Only Trust The Basics of MA Taxation and the Magic of Trusts
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