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Welcome to my video library. I will be making short informational videos. In my videos, I explain needed important legal documents and important issues to know.

          Introduction - Estate Planning and Elder Law

Elder Law Interview April 16, 2018

The Big Five

HCC Seminar Elder Law and Estate PlanningOctober 15, 2018 


The cost of skilled nursing care is currently approximately $390 per day! Given this cost, most people, sooner or later, must apply for MassHealth benefits to pay the nursing home bill. Health insurance does not pay this bill. This video includes strategies to protect the assets from the nursing home costs, so as to take care of the spouse and other family members. These strategies include Life Estate Deeds, Irrevocable Income Only Medicaid Qualified Trusts, Medicaid Qualified Annuities, and Pooled Trusts.

ELDER LAW TIPS AND TRAPS (Whole Video 47 mins)

1. Testimentary Trust and Mass Health (2 mins)

2. Difference Between Will and Trust (1.5 mins)

3 & 4. Magic Numbers (2 mins)

5. Min Max Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance (1.5 mins)

6. No Gifts the Previous Five Years (3 mins)

7. Medicare vs Medicaid (1 minute)

8. Medicaid Qualified Annuity (2 mins)

9. Saving the Home Long Term Care Insurance (3 mins)

10. Saving the Home – Caregiver Child Exception (9.5 mins)

11. Life Estate Deeds (1.5 mins)

12. Adult Disabled Child (1 min)

13. Pool Trust (2 mins)

14. IIOT (2.5 mins)

15. Medicare Tips and Traps (5 mins)

16. Aid and Attendance (1.5 mins)

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