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Why Every Adult Should Have a Will

I want every adult, age 18 or older, to have a Will. Young people typically do not have a sizable estate, and falsely believe they do not need a Will. Unfortunately, sometimes a young person dies due to the fault of another person and wrongful death money is paid to the young person’s estate. Or, a young person inherits money but dies before he/she is able to enjoy it. When someone dies without a Will, we must use the state’s Will, known as the Law of Intestate Succession. This Law directs money to the family tree instead of to the named beneficiaries in a Will. Also in the Will, you can name who will be in charge of your estate. We want a person who is businesslike, a good communicator, and gets the job done. A Will is the only document that a parent can name the guardian of his/her minor children in the event of an untimely death of a parent.

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